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Online Resources for ESL Students



“Get the inside scoop.” --- Official TOEFL Information on the Web


* Official Online Home of the TOEFL Test ---

* Guide to the Computer-Based TOEFL Test from --

* Frequently Asked Questions about the Computer-Based TOEFL --

* Frequently Asked Questions about the Paper-Based TOEFL Test --

* Free Tutorials and Practice Questions for the Computer-Based TOEFL Test --




“Build your foundation.” --- Structure Preparation Resources  (back to top)


* 50 Practice Structure Questions from –

* 22 Structure Practice Questions from --

* 15 TOEFL Grammar Tests from --

* Online Structure Practice (Note: Requires Shockwave plug-in.) –




“Read between the lines.” --- Reading Comprehension Preparation Resources  (back to top)


* TestMagic Reading Comprehesion  Exercises (2 Readings with Questions)–

* 18 Reading Comprehension Questions from 4Tests --

* Reading and 10 Comprehension Questions from --

* Computer-Based Reading with 10 Comprehension Questions from –





“Keep your ears open.” --- Listening Comprehension Preparation Resources  (back to top)

* Introduction to the Listening Section of the TOEFL from --

* Tips on the Short Listening Conversation Questions from --

* 15 Listening Practice Questions from  -- (Note: Headphones or speakers are required.)

* Listening Comprehension Practice from Rhodes & Goulden Also, go to …listen2.html, …listen3.html, etc. for additional listening practice. (Note: Headphones or speakers and Shockwave plug-in are required.)






“Put it in writing.” --- Writing Preparation Resources  (back to top)


* TOEFL Essay Home – (#)

* TOEFL Essay Samples and Analysis from --

* Scoring Criteria for the Writing Section from –






“Broaden your horizons.” --- More TOEFL Preparation and Related Sites to Explore  (back to top)


* Online Tips and Resources for the TOEFL from –

* Free TOEFL Study Links from --

* How to Take an English Test: Strategies from --

* Frequently Asked Questions about the TOEFL from --

* TOEFL Discussion Board from Dave’s ESL Café --

* TOEFL Discussion Group from --

* TOEFL Basic Skills Daily Quiz: New Questions Every Day! --

* General Helpful Tips for Academic Success from --




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