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PC Annoyances and
How To Keep Them From
Driving You Crazy

Recommended Links from the 11/24/03 Workshop

(Online at


               I.      First Things First: Before You Do Anything Else

a.       Protect Your PC (firewall, updates and antivirus check tool) from Microsoft - 

b.       Windows Update -

c.       MS Office Update -

             II.      How to Stop Pop-Ups in under 3 Minutes

a.       Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer –

b.       Ad-Aware Software (free) -

c.       Disabling Windows Messenger Pop-Up Spam -

d.       Zone Alarm Firewall (free) -

            III.      Email Spam and Keeping It under Control

a.       You’ve Got Spam! -

b.       How to Avoid Unwanted E-Mail -

c.       Spam Slayer: Hot Tips to Cool off Spam -,aid,112876,00.asp

d.       Using Disposable Email Addresses -

e.       The Anti-Spam Home Page -

f.         Outlook Spam Tutorial -

g.       How to Use Netscape 7.1 Junk Mail Controls -

h.       Fight Spam on the Internet - 

          IV.      Protecting Your PC from Viruses

a.       Symantec Security Response - 

b.       Zone Alarm Firewall (free) -

            V.      Virus Hoaxes vs. Real Threats to Take Seriously

a.       Hoaxbusters - 

b.       How to Spot a Virus Hoax -

c.       Urban Legends Reference Pages: Computer Virus Hoaxes -

d.       Hoax Encyclopedia -

          VI.      Understanding and Fixing Warning/Error Messages

a.       Most Popular How-To Columns -

b.       Microsoft Knowledge Database -;EN-US;KBHOWTO 

c. -

d.       Tech Support Guy -

e. Tech Support -

         VII.      Fun Stuff and Incredibly Useful Online Tools: A Sampling

a.       Net Lingo -

b.       File Formats -

c.       Kim Komando -

d.       Yahoo! Picks - 


e. - 

f.         Project Gutenberg -

g.       Ref Desk -

h.       One Look Dictionary List -

i.         CIA World Factbook -

j.         US State Dept. Travel Warnings -

k.       CDC Traveler’s Health Info -

l.         New York State Physician Profile -

m.     Zip Code Lookup -

n.       Reverse Phone Number Lookup -

o.       Metric - English Conversions -

p.       Any Birthday - 

q.       Dead or Alive? -


r.        Craig’s List -

s.       Epinions Reviews -

t.        Google Groups -

u.       Yahoo! Groups –

v.        eHow  Tutorials -

w.      Learn That Tutorials -

x.       Wanna Learn Tutorials -

y.       Expert Buying Guides from PC World -,00.asp

z.       My Simon -

aa.  -

bb.   JourneyEd Academic Software Discounts –

cc.   SprySoft Academic Software Discounts -

dd.   AddALL Book Search and Price Comparison -

ee. –

ff.       Theater Development Fund –

gg.   Site 59: Last Minute Travel Deals-

hh. Last Minute Travel Deals -

ii. -

jj.       Free Stuff Online -

       VIII.      “What’s Bugging You?”: A Search for Solutions